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Audio - Heather McDougall

Audio production and projects of Heather McDougall.
Programs and projects of WFMT Radio Network and RTÉ lyric fm.

Credit: Joshua Albanese

Credit: Joshua Albanese


Audio editing 7 years’ experience audio recording, editing & analysis in academic, broadcasting and archival settings, including in-studio and in the field (using tools such as Zoom and Marantz recorders, Adobe Audition, Soundforge, Jutel Edit Pro, ProTools and Sonic Visualiser)

Production researching and scripting for and briefing and leading production teams, for work product including short features/packages, documentaries, magazine-style programs

Playlist and content curation for RTÉ lyric fm classical radio programs, including a live request-based program, and pre-recorded CD-based programs

Editorial oversight recruiting and engaging hosts, producers, editors and composers; devising program structure, outline and content, reviewing draft scripts and audio in feedback loops, and consulting with legal on fair use and contracts

Hosting voicing short packages/features, promos and intros and outros for once-off programs, for RTÉ lyric fm and WFMT Radio Network

Operations as member of RTÉ lyric fm Operations Team, jointly managed music database, including devising house style guidelines for metadata, placement of tracks into categories, leveraging categories to devise program playlist templates; jointly managed automation system, placing sweepers, promos and ads in accordance with station policy

Music rights conversant in copyright law, music licensing practices and relevant bodies, including DMCA, fair use, mechanical and public performance rights, PROs, Soundexchange, and the processes of licensing and commissioning with record labels, composers and sound designers for radio and podcast projects



Project Manager, WFMT Radio Network (Chicago), a leading U.S. producer and distributor of arts-based radio and podcast content nationally and internationally (2015-present)

Production Coordinator, RTÉ lyric fm (Limerick, Ireland), the national classical and fine arts radio station, part of Ireland’s public service media organization, RTÉ (2006-2010)